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Customer Service Marketing

Customer Service Marketing

Great Customer Service Strategy for Growing Your Business

Out of all the marketing we can throw at a business, the most reliable strategy is offering customers incredible service. Delivering what we promise while going that extra mile.

Over the years a lot of literature has been written on looking after customers and how to treat them so they keep coming back. Ron Kaufman a well-known author and speaker discusses six core concepts that describe the types of service that customers experience. It is important to be familiar with these categories as we build our service strategy.

Just To Reiterate, These Are Ron’s Customer Service Principles

We find these principles extremely helpful and so decided to share them on The Coaching Project. You can go directly to his website to read about each principle in greater detail. Check Out Ron Kaufman’s website.

  1. Criminal: service is really bad.
  2. Basic: service is disappointing. It’s the point of frustration that can turn into anger.
  3. Expected: service is nothing special. It’s the average.
  4. Desired: service is what your customers hope for and prefer.
  5. Surprising: service is something special, like an unexpected gift.
  6. Unbelievable: service is astonishingly fantastic. This is the level of service your customers can’t forget.

Always Strive To Go That Extra Mile

It is categories five and six, (Surprising and unbelievable) that you as a helper should strive for in all your interactions with clients. To go that extra mile, to give that little bit more that creates that wow-factor and makes them wanting to come back for more. Skilled application combined with outstanding customer service is the key to successfully marketing your practice.

Giving customers, Criminal, Basic, and Expected service should be avoided at all cost while Desired is the minimum experience that customers receive. Understanding these principles gives us a framework to operate in making it clear what we need to do. Now we simply go ahead and do the best we can to wow our clients.

Coaching Franchise

We just want to let you know briefly about our service. Are you looking to get into your own business, as a coach, consultant or trainer. Dubb Coaching Group’s franchising division may just be what you’re looking for. Check out our franchising page.

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned, there is plenty more to come.

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