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Growing Your Coaching Business

Growing Your Coaching Business

Further Advice On Developing Your Coaching Practice

A very popular topic on The Coaching Project are articles related to business development. This comes as no surprise, we all dream of being successful in our chosen field! Learn more about growing your coaching business.

The Importance Of Working Within a Chosen Market

Coaching MarketJust because you are a coach does not mean that you can and should be working with everybody. Trying to be all things to all people is a huge mistake both for your own ability to help others and in effectively marketing your services. The best coaches will focus on a few key areas, maybe 3-5 that they feel comfortable working in. They will do everything it takes to achieve market-domination by simply being awesome in their work, coupled with some savvy marketing strategies. This article is based on the, know, Like, and trust you maxim.

Your Reputation Is Everything

Once you decide upon these markets, your task is to take every bit of personal experience within these areas, and combine everything into an ongoing learning regimen. You focus on becoming the best damn coach within your chosen fields, striving everyday to build a strong reputation for being able to help others. You place your heart and soul into your work because of your passion to help. When the market is aware of your capabilities and they begin hiring and referring you, the business will naturally grow! Nothing too complicated, just simple business math.

Cultivate those Relationships

business relationship buildingWhen you meet them, keep in touch with them – simple! Follow up, send through helpful articles, refer them business, set up coffee catch-ups, and nurture, nurture, nurture. You want to build a business through sold referral partners; people must know, like and trust you! Past clients need your attention too. Just because you have finished working together, does the contact end there? It shouldn’t! If they are happy with their results, you cultivated a friendship, then regular contact is a priority! This is your responsibility as a business owner. They already know, like, and trust you, but they must also be thinking of you when the opportunity is around for referring… Do you see how this works?

Reputation Combined With Ongoing Relationships Will Get You The Business

That said and done, if you are positioned as the expert in a few key markets with a solid reputation for facilitating change, combined with ongoing contact with past clients and referral partners, your business will thrive! You may have missed our last article on 5 Marketing Tips For Coaches. This is worth checking out as it discusses important strategies for elevating yourself towards expert status.

Again, reputation with on-going market awareness is paramount in building a thriving coaching business. Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

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