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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Importance Of A Positive Mental Attitude

Wow, what the average person can achieve with the power of positivity can be absolutely thrilling, and must be experienced to be believed.

We all get negative at times; this is a large part of the human conditioning, to experience self-doubt, fear, and lower expectations. I think this is the case because we as individuals are so surrounded by negativity. We see it everyday on the television, read about tragedy on internet news sites, and hear bad things from peers. It’s easy to fall into the negative trap! Awareness of the causes can help to set you free.

Get Out Of The Negative Frame

Transmutation, thinking about the things you want, ignoring the things you do not want. The conscious ability to shift your thinking over towards the positive and away from the negative. To master this takes self-control, discipline and an intense desire to direct your mindset… But what choice do we have? Negative people repel opportunity, and just seem miserable in general. No surprise here, they are attracting more of what they fear through the way they think. Do not ever doubt the power of your thinking when it comes to the quality of your life, the two are closely related.

Positive Thinking Works

Positive PeopleThe reality is that positive thinking works. We don’t mean forced thinking either, when you feel negative but pretend everything is OK. We are talking about a more authentic feeling of optimism, that everything will be OK regardless of our surroundings. This is the ultimate practice of faith, this is faith in the good and not in the bad. Studies have proven over again that individuals who practice a positive mind-frame live higher quality lives. They have better health, relationships, earn more money, and experience more joy.

What To Do Next

Begin feeding your mind with thoughts that reflect the things you want, while making a conscious choice to ignore the things you do not want. Begin reading positive books, interacting with optimistic people. Turn of the news sites, television and talk back radio. These media sources promote negativity. Minimise interactions with negative people and ultimately make the firm decision that you will not put up with feeling bad any longer.

Avoid The Negative Space

This is ultimately up to you and it is about making a decision. It’s a decision to not be a negative individual any longer who fears the future while resenting the present. Life will always happen around us through the causes of others, but our perceived experience of events is what separates us. We can decide what we choose to focus on, and it’s our dedication to seeing the positive that will ultimately enrich us.

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