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The Self Improvement Journey Of Coaches

The Self Improvement Journey Of Coaches

A Rich Life Of Personal Development

The never ending quest to improve, both in the way we live our lives, and in our work with clients. This is the purpose of a life coach…

It’s All About Self Improvement

Self DevelopmentLike a well oiled motor, precise, efficient and refined, this the way we want to interact with our world. The peak of human capability, living to the highest levels, through our thinking, feelings and actions. Lifting ourselves higher and higher, and making the best use of change – and we are continuously changing, it just depends in what direction. Are we progressing or sadly regressing?

Striving To Be Better People

Personal CoachingWe want to be the best we can, better people for ourselves, families, friends and clients. Self development is our life – a never ending quest for growth. We understand our capabilities, what we can do with the right stimulation. Personal growth will take you past the realms of reality, to the highest levels, if you will make it your mission. All good coaches are on a mission, to make the best use of their evolution. We want to be able to look back each year, at our incredible progress made.

We Were Triggered Into Change

How To Grow Your BusinessPicking up your first book, attending a seminar, or reading that article, something got triggered inside, as you realised what could be, and that constant improvement would set you free. Free from the demons of past hurt, negativity, self doubt and fear. That if you could move past this, accept a better way of being, life would take off. Old challenges would be transformed into new opportunities, as you now see the positive side of life, a glass half full outlook, on all surroundings.

The Self Improvement Movement

The self improvement movement is a great journey to be a part of, to have the privilege to earn a living helping our clients. The trick to adding value to others and helping them change, is for us to change first. Our clients can only go as far as us. The task of Improvement Is a joint arrangement that rests on us – the coach.

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