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3 Strategies For Marketing Your Coaching Business

3 Strategies For Marketing Your Coaching Business

Build Trust And Credibility

The art of marketing your coaching practice and letting the public know about your services, how you can help them, and why they should hire you! Good marketers are great at getting their name out…

Effective Marketing Channels

So you are ready to get your practice off the ground and begin attracting all those clients. You want to reach as wide an audience as possible to circulate your name. What you need are a few effective marketing channels that can also help you build trust and credibility. Below are three common strategies that all successful coaches use. We advise you give them a go.

1, Conduct Keynote Speeches

Speak, speak, and speak again. Create a series of keynote speeches that give your audience a taste of what to expect from you. Go and find opportunities to be heard and speak your heart out! Speak at networking events, business forums, Rotary clubs, and Chamber Of Commerce meetings. All great coaches utilize the power of speaking when marketing their businesses.

2, Facilitate Mini-Seminars

Conduct mini-seminars that give people an introduction to who you are, and what it is that you do. These mini-seminars should last no longer than three hours. They are a sample of what you are can do. In this time, you can spike up interest, and potentially book in further workshops and private coaching sessions. You can even generate leads from attendees allowing for more workshop opportunities.

3, Perform Free Coaching sessions

This is a tried and tested formula that works well for many coaches. Simply offer your contacts a free introductory coaching session. By demonstrating your skills, building trust, credibility, and rapport, you will have the opportunity to gain new clients that will be pleased to hire you. Again, they can also refer you on to other prospects.

It’s About Adding Value

Never be afraid to share your knowledge with others. When they see what you can do, the probability of getting hired significantly improves. The quickest way to build trust and credibility is through demonstrating your skill sets. Take advantage of the above strategies as they do work!

We hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading.

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